Labor Shortage v Births

It’s getting unbelievably wearisome listening to the AI whine about ‘LaBoR sHortAgeS!’, while at the same time it will fill dozens of available shelter spaces with non-working newborns, and artificially delay the influx of adult, working-age immigrants for several years to do so.

It is a bit peculiar that the game differentiates between working age, under-age and Too Old And Decrepid To Work as categories of population, but as far as I’ve noticed doesn’t follow that up in organization of population versus housing. We get houses with all slots filled with children, other houses entirely full of one sex or the other - no apparent, or at least consistent, social organization of the town.

Dog Knows what kind of coding it would take, but I remember the old Settlers 6 game, which was a rather more simplified Medieval City Builder in which each residential unit was occupied by a family, and the population was counted as Heads of Household (usually male), with or without Spouse and X number of children - the last of which, as in FF, were of no economic or work force consequence except in potential.

How much easier would it be to keep track of each Residence holding 1 Family, which would always consist of a Head of Household, who might also have a Spouse, and various children either old enough to work or too young to work and who, therefore, only take up half of a slot in the house each. A Large House or Manor could have room for a servant or two (always unmarried). The Hunters, Fishermen and such who live in their Huts might also have a residence “in town” where their wife and kids reside. Work Camps would be for unmarried young folk only.
Immigrants, instead a generic 3, 8, 10, or 21 would be identified as “3 young folk and 2 Heads of Household with wives and a total of 4 children”, - which means you’d better have 2 empty houses for the families to move into, and a third house to temporarily bunk the young unmarrieds until they either find a spouse or move out to Housing near a work camp, mine, sand pit, Fisher’s Hut, etc.

A lot more complicated, but it would also introduce a glint of - dare I say it - Role-Play to the game.

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