Lack of Defensive Utility Gear really hurts

I wanted to put these thoughts in one of the other initial thoughts threads, but with the amount of linking I’m going to do, it’s probably best to have its own thread.

Simply put, some damage types have WAY better options for gearing than others, and removing defensive utility gear really hurts builds that either have great offensive options but little to provide in defensive options or builds that simply have no options at all. I’m going to point out the real lack of equipment that helps benefit certain damage types:

Gloves: There are only two options for Acid builds that want Attack Speed, and one of those doesn’t even count if you’re not playing Occultist. Vilescorn Bracers only gives Aether Resistance, no OA/DA, and two of the skill bonuses are for Retaliation Builds (well, if you want to call Blade Barrier a retaliation skill…). Mythical Viperfang Grips gives a ton of OA, but only a measly 12% Vitality resistance, which is pretty well-resisted by most builds anyway (as they really want Sanctified Bone to hurt Acid-resistant Nemeses like Zantarin and Benn’Jahr).

Pants: No Acid pants give Physical resistance. Sucks to be an Acid build, I guess. Two of the pants strictly benefit Shadow Strike Nightblades, and a third set of pants just benefits playing DEE Occultist (is that skill… even played anymore), but if you’re not playing one of those builds, your options are even worse.

Boots: 4 Acid Boots in the game. Serpentine Wraps benefits Blood of Dreeg, but then also piles on Acid Resistance, which Occultists don’t need. Stonetreaders gives bonuses to Overguard and an Arcanist skill (you know, for all those Acid TSS builds). Only one gives any sort of tertiary resistances.

Gloves: 2-pc Krieg’s Set was practically mandatory for the bonus damage + Physical Resistance. Now Light’s Defenders is the only Aether gloves with >10% Attack Speed in the game. And all of its skill bonuses are caster skills. And the two skill bonuses Krieg has are to Mirror and Mark of Torment…

Pants: Wraithborne Wraps if you need OA, Arcane Currents if you need DA. None of the other pants are even relevant.

Pants: There is one Epic or Legendary pants that give Chaos damage. ONE! And three of the four skill bonuses have nothing to do with offense (Overguard, CoF, and Resilience)

Boots: Two Chaos boots exist, and one is solely meant for Chaos Sigil Occultists / Voidsoul Aegis of Menhir. If you’re not one of those two builds, at least Timewarped has a good number of resistances.

Gloves: Every single Cold gloves, except for one, gives just a single resistance. And that one gives no Attack or Cast Speed…

Elemental also counts for cold, so let’s see for that. Dawnshard I guess counts, but it gives Attack Speed and 3 of the 4 skill bonuses are Caster skills. Runesigned Gloves are the only properly designed gloves out there, I suppose.

Boots: Windshear Greaves are practically the only Pierce boots in town, and if you’re not an Autoattacking Nightblade, you have practically no options if you want offensive stats.

If you want Attack Speed, you have Voidrend Talons and Vilescorn Bracers. That’s it. I already visited the second, and with Voidrend Talons, the modifiers and skill bonuses may as well not exist since they’re for Chaos builds.

Basically, for all these damage types and build scenarios, there’s basically nothing that contributes offensively, and now using their slots for defensive purposes are practically meaningless too. Want a Vitality melee build but want to build custom gloves with Attack Speed? Too bad, your resistance profile has to suffer. Chaos builds especially suffer since they desperately need skill bonuses and have nothing that helps provide them.

If Physical damage / Resistance is going to be shaken up so much, maybe provide some help so that builds aren’t relying on the same 3-4 pieces of gear to patch up their defensive holes?