Lack of Ritualist Gear

I mostly play with builds that no one use, to make them great again. Grim Dawn is no exception. This wonderful game gave me infinite possibilities to design my own builds, but with the lack of gear for Ritualist, I only made it an OK pet build.

And, boy, I tried many things; pure Vitality + RR, then Vitality to Lightning conversion, and before all these I tried many green/blue items. Still not even close to Cabalist.

I love this game and it’s classes. But will Ritualist see some love, anytime soon?

No one even made a build that’s in the Compendium. I feel like a huge wasted potential.

But don’t misunderstand me, I’m not complaining. If anything, I appreciate everything in this game Especially the love from the devs, and the community. :slight_smile:

So, is it gonna happen?

The problem is you. You are making the same threads, making the same mistakes but can not make a good build.
Here is arn quimson’s ritualist, who has no problems with Crucible, while your so-called guide struggles with everything past wave 50.

I would like to see a taunt consumable/aggro reduction over time on something like Ill Omen and some minor skill improvements, but overall pet builds are in a perfectly good state now.

Nothing personal.

derp xxx xxx

Both pet and non-pet Ritualist are pretty viable in main game and Crucible. Defiler and Deceiver need more love, not that guy.

Yes it is viable but there is only 1 pet build and 1 set that works in the whole game?

LOL It’s not even in the compendium, where is the link for the HC build?

Im sorry but only 1 build means lack of creativity which I’d rather use my own than reproduce other people’s builds.

For that I need gear, and you should accept that there is not much for Ritualist only.