Lack of words

This game just blew my mind! (as far as the Alpha goes, it looks great to say the least) Since D3 got raped bigtime, POE has been a great way of killing time, but when I first heard about GD and the relation to the famous TQ I thought they we´re taking me for a ride on the “joke train”

But then they showed me the screenshots and a fight sequence, as soon as I stopped drolling I was SOOOOOLD bigtime! :rolleyes:


you mean


We will have that before the beta, if you bought the correct key to access it, not yet mind, should be early next year or around that, but we will have access to the alpha and it’s getting a step closer each day

and hi and welcome to the forums, hope you enjopy it here

Alpha? I see. More proof for my conspiracy. Lemme get my notepad.

Vilcomen. Hope you have a good time here. But watch out for Ballistic, he may make you laugh.

Conspiracy 1
Conspiracy 2

Glad you found out about Grim Dawn.

After Iron Lore had to close I remember a website they had for their console rpg “Black Legion”. I’d drop by every couple of months see if anything was
new. Eventually that led to Grim Dawn and I just can’t wait to have a new arpg with deep character customization like TQ IT.

I already got access to Alpha…

I have the key, but the door is not there yet.