Late game Cold resist

I hear a lot of people talking about mobs having very high cold resist in late game. How bad is it? Is it so bad that a mostly cold based build is not viable?

It’s not bad, you get plenty of resistance reduction from Night’s Chill (-45 or -66), mark of dreeg (-15), blessed steel (-30) and other sources.

They are highly resistant to Freeze, not Cold.
Because you aren’t supposed to have any form of CC in Ultimate.

I’m using 8 different sources of freeze on a spellbreaker and it definitely works in Ultimate. Or are you talking about bosses only?
Edit: here is a funny screenshot.

how the hell you have 8 different sources of freeze :rolleyes:

Also great screenshot my friend :smiley:

What is this sorcery !!

lol, my spellbreaker has done that as well, Moo isn’t as freeze resistant as you would think as it turns out. Either Shard of Asterkan or Night’s Embrace both reduce an enemies freeze resistance, and even just a small reduction makes an enemy no longer 100% freeze immune usually. I personally use this a LOT with my super spammable ring of frost + Flash Freeze to stagger-lock an enemy to hold them CCed for a long time, even though they are “immune” to the CC. I have 25-45% AS slow (Partially retaliation AS slow from Spider, partially Veil of Shadow’s total speed slow), which means enemies attack really slow. Combo with a quick RoF or OFF, I can reset their attack animation very easily. Timing it right, I can reset their attack animation 3 times in a row before they can get an attack off because my stuff is just barely on CD. And soon, it won’t be 3 times. It will be all the time. A few more points of CDR would allow me to freeze lock them indefinably on almost all enemies without overcapped freeze resistance.

Strange enough, Moose also doesn’t have bleeding immunity like his fellow undead’s. I was surprised at how fast my trickster could kill him :eek:

Not all “undead” creatures have high bleed resistance. Moose = skeletal monstrosity; and all mobs of this type (including Ilgorr, for example) have low bleed resistance.

Ha I didn’t know that :D, still SoT is a pain in the ass for a bleeding build, so it eventually turned into Fabius Farming Simulator 2016 for my guy :mad:.

No problem, man - I should probably make a thread “How to cheese the game using Tricksters” - 14 legendaries / 3 hours doing only Cronley runs.

Cronley runs iz da best. Here’s my Badge of Honor:

Ahah thank you! :smiley:

The 8 sources are: 2 Chillsurge rings (5%chance to freeze on hit + the proc), Olexra’s Flash Freeze, Ring of Frost, Chilldread Mantle and Frostdread Cuirass (20% chance of freeze retaliation).

I recently traded an Olexra’s Chill scepter and I hope to find another soon. That is two new sources!

Wow sounds like I have some u don’t have but I don’t have that chest guard. I have 2 chillsurge rings too. Is there a good relic w freeze on it? I used glacier but it’s too lowbie now

There is Scourge but it’s an active skill.

Glacier is awesome but the +1 to all Nightblade skills is too good to pass up sadly.