Later Game Questions

Hi Everyone,

I’ve played the game (with all expansions, DLC, etc.) for years now. Does anyone else find around level 60 that the content seems to be all gone through?

I know that doing bounty tables is possible, but I wish there was more “main quest” all the way to 99.

Also: I find I never craft weapons. Seems the ones that drop are almost always better for me. Anyone else?


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you’re not supposed to do bounties to level, you’re “supposed” to jump to Elite or Ultimate and repeat the campaign for the final levels of XP
*unsure if Fangs of Asterkarn will have enough quests to get to level 100 on Normal since currently you max out at around 70’ish

this is totally normal, i’m almost gonna guess it’s intended because of the way crafting is used in the game these days

Thanks, Gnomish. I’ve always thought Elite and Ultimate had to be played by a 1-99 new character? Looks like I need to investigate…

Whoa…I can’t believe I never caught onto this.

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What have you been doing for all these years!? :crazy_face:

Yes, you can finish Normal and then go into Elite, finish that and then go into Ultimate. That’s the “traditional” way to play because new characters always start at L1 on Normal; higher difficulties can only be unlocked by a character that’s finished the previous difficulty and only that character can go into them.

Crate did add the Merit Tokens a while back so people could skip to a higher difficulty if they wanted to avoid the 3 playthroughs every time.

And with the latest version of the game you can now do this:

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I thought so too, but when took a closer look, I found some good craftable options. I think the problem lies in blacksmith’s UI which isn’t too attractive, so player doesn’t want to spend much time there:

  • it presents a long list in a short window,
  • provides no way of sorting or filtering,
  • the most important issue - doesn’t show comparison tooltips for your current weapons (I suggested this in Show comparison for blacksmith’s items over a year ago).