Latest Build question

OK build is getting better (closer to knight king not quite the items yet) can take down mad queen at least now.

Couple of questions:

  1. Stormbringer of malmouth has been nerfed. Blueprint says 12% crit 176% damage 80% converted and actual item has 15%, 244% and 100% converted. Which should I believe??? (grim tools still has incorrect display before nerf so ignore)

  2. Now that I am converting pet vitality to lightning does vitality bonus percent given by Will of the Crypt get applied before its converted to lightning or after? (ie is Will of the Crypt still worth having?)

  3. Acid modifier made by weapon and ring gives 400%. This looks good to me any thoughts?

edit: Looking at what grim tools thinks my stats are looks like Crate kicked this build to the curb (super nerf of everything not just stormbringer). Skills as well. RIP?