Left click Combos/Multi-Attacks for simpler play

Hello, I noticed that a lot of classes an items have these abilities that can be placed on the left click but they still have a cooldown. Abilities like soldier’s Blade Arc or Force Wave. The cooldowns are short are spammable and when used on left click they will trigger whenever they can.

An issue arises when you get multiple skills like this. You can’t both put them on left click. What if you have Blade Arc on left click, Blitz on right click… you would then be forced to put Force Wave on a number or the middle mouse button… unless that’s taken by something else too.

In short - there’s a lot of these skills and only 1 left click slot! Even though due to their cooldowns it is entirely possible to use 2-3 of such skills one after another effectively.

What I am suggesting is a sort of custom combo ability-maker that would allow the player to put something like ‘custom attack’ on his left click and then personally input the ability priority of the said attack. E.g. he will be able to set it to: Blade Arc -> Force Wave -> Brutal Shield Slam. Or something like Blade Arc -> Cadence to allow a simple and comfortable use of both these skills together. With such a configuration the attack would cycle through the listed abilities just by holding left click.

This is a simple idea and an old hack and slash game called Blade and Sword had something similar implemented. A big issue is that left clicking at the wrong time cancels out your order. Sometimes while attacking constantly by holding left click I press my keys to get in a shield bash which simply doesn’t come out. It’s quite uncomfortable and hinders the build due to a technicality! I think this would also be a great boost to all these abilities with cooldowns like Sacred Strike which get overshadowed by attack-replacers like Cadence.

TL;DR - please add a custom combo-que attack slot option to allow multiple spells to be used for 1 button.

So… macro?

Most likely not happening.

Might be tangential to the OP, so apologies in advance:

Why can’t every single skill be bound to the LMB? For examplem, the helm-granted-skill known winter king’s mightcan only be bound to the RMB, and it’s meant as primary attack skill from what I can tell.

It’s quite confusing trying to use the RMB instead of the left.