Legendary 2-handers

Any chance for Infernal Brimstone to get its minimum weapon damage upped? 190 average damage per swing with 46 minimum damage (!) is pretty bad for a legendary two-hander.

The same goes for The Guillotine and its 161 average damage per swing.

No because both of those weapons have very high dot base damage.

Sure but the dot gets reset with every swing and the weapons deal only one tick of dot which is nowhere near enough to compensate for their low DPS.

The power of both of these legendaries that you linked doesn’t empower your single target damage, it empowers your AOE damage. Just find better single target damage alternatives ex. Oleron’s Blood.

Mind to explain a bit because I’m not sure how these 2 weapons are good because they improve AOE damage.

Maybe the Guillotine because it improves crit damage and the more mobs I hit the more crits I get? It barely compensate for the low base damage, though, and I could just use a better weapon and get the same if not better results damage-wise. I mean it could be good on something like a Blade Arc Warder but why even use this one when something like that exists?

As for the Infernal Brimstone, the proc has a cooldown so it doesn’t matter if I get more crits by using AOE as I need only one every 6 seconds to trigger it.
Not to mention that all the other 2-handers also have AOE procs while also having much better base damage values and additional flat damage instead of a dot.
If it had very high max damage like on the Obsidian Juggernaut then I’d be fine with the low min, but it doesn’t and its 190 average damage is laughable. I mean come on, It’s lower than most level 40 epic 2-handers. :confused: