Lens/Search /Filter - New resources

I think it will be great idea to add Lens/Search /Filter for resources / building / people to quickly find what we need

Also new resources like sheep that provide meat/milk and wool which can be used to make cloths. Also, chickens which provide eggs, meat and feathers which can be used for furniture.

Also new crops like cotton, corn and sugar

Also new trees like olive/ Palm trees which can used as food sources / industry and decorations

These are just few humble suggestions for such great promising game

Search resource on map by name would be great, I had a map with little to none coal and I was really getting sick of searching it through the forest of icons, so in the end I figured out it will be easier by having selected build coal mine on cursor, so it will show circles around the mining resources and that let me see the black one I was searching for.

The issue is also with stone, it doesn’t have icon at all and it’s often hidden between trees, especially smaller stacks below 20.

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