Let's Build around the Leafmane Horn

Hello everyone, it’s been awhile since i was last actually active. This latest update kinda caught my attention in the form of the Leafmane Horn. Not sure why, but I really like it, and want to try and make a build based on it, and the general conversion of Vitality to Acid.

But… I have no clue how to make a good build anymore, It’s been so long since I did anything but pick up someone elses build.

So far, I’ve got this as a start, using the Leafmane Horn, Deathguard Blade, and the Dark One set… but I dunno what else to do.

Thoughts and idea’s for a Vitality to Acid build?

Here’s a RE Cabalist hybrid build with spammable Blight Fiends, Acid Purge and hefty OA reduction with Bloody Pox+Rumor that is pretty decent. It can be spammy though trying to debuff, summon RE and BF all the time. The items are tough to farm, but you could use some substitutes to shore up resists. My resists are capped in-game.