Let's talk weapons

I’m playing my new nightblade, dual wield (of course) and I’m using a couple of level 75 purple weapons I had laying around (Crystallums) and I thought I would be good for at least a while… sure they weren’t perfect for my build (piercing damage), but they were much better then the Omens I was running with up to that point.

Then I hit Homestead (on Elite mind you), and entered the Dermaptian area. The first few greens I see I check briefly (as I only check MI greens) and I’m shocked to see one is an upgrade. And not just a small upgrade either… it’s MASSIVE. I figured I got a double rare Slicer of Alactrity… then I get another one. I’m stunned at the huge damage boost these things are giving me… even comparing them to purples I can’t use until level 85 (I’m only 72 at this point). I’m looking at these things and wondering why these things that drop like candy are going to be my weapons up until (and perhaps past) 94… unless I replace them with higher level versions later.

I get that some MIs are supposed to be good… but should they be this good? I’m not complaining, I’m just wondering if they should be surpassing supposedly legendary items in quality.


why shouldn’t a MI dedicated to pierce melee builds be better than a level 75 legendary sword that is designed for lightning damage :thinking: xD

Man, Alacrity is magic tier suffix.

Derma Slicers are really great for Pierce DW Build!

There are only few legendary that can match slicer with attack speed and lightning weapons certainly can’t.

Dermapteran Slicers do not surpass legendary pierce weapons, namely Reaver’s Claw and Belgothian’s Slicer. But they’re pretty good placeholders until you get those legendaries.

What you’re aiming for is one slicer with ‘‘Puncturing/Superior…of Alacrity’’ affixes and another with ‘‘Vampiric…of Alacrity’’ affixes. That’s a pretty good combo. Also, I recommend you put Seal of Blades only in one of those, and Vicious Spikes in the other.

why not in both? and why not both with flat pierce/physical damage (superior/puncturing)

You get plenty of life steal from the ‘‘Vampiric…’’ slicer, and Vicious Spikes gives you a flat pierce aura which skyrockets your damage. Given that it’s so much cheaper to find/craft Vicious Spikes than it is to craft Seal of Blades, it seems to me unnecessary to use two Seals. But I do know that most people on the forum disagree with me on this point.

Sure Seal of Blades is not supercheap to craft, but you get more damage with two Puncturing/Superior of alactrity + 2x Seal of blades Compared. But in the end, one has to play with what one find and have and there is certainty nothing wrong with Vicious Spikes

I’m running double seal of blades. I’m just shocked to find these things are 1) Perfect for the build, and 2) easily obtainable. Like super easy. I had my pick of around 10 of them by the time I finished killing the queen for the quest. I didn’t think they made items that were this perfect for specific builds that weren’t legendary.

That’s the purpose of green MI items. Like Kuba pants :wink:

There are plenty of MI’s that are dope and BiS / almost BiS. And if not that, they are certainty good placeholder items until you get BiS legendary for that slot.

I mean one can do dope builds without any legendary item at all: [DW melee] Beginner's Forgotten Blademaster

Like 7 of those items are bought from faction vendors. Talking about easy accessible gear :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of faction gear and pierce damage, it is a shame that Redeemer of Malmouth has 30% base armor piercing… forcing you to use/find belt/amulet with increase armor piercing and Blessed whetstones together with Nadaan devotion (since you need +233% increased armor piercing to get 100% pierce)

Aren’t you gonna say something about your comparison with a pierce damage weapon to a lightning damage weapon? :wink:

Yeah, I guess for endgame that’s the optimal combo. But for people who are far from that phase, as OP seems to me, it maybe makes more sense for the time being to use one Seal, one Vicious Spikes.

Don’t make me slice you! I’ve got 2 of them and I know how to use them!