Level 50 Build compendium?

I find a lot of my builds get to the end of Normal/Veteran and I for some reason lose interest and start new ones. I only have a few higher level characters.

I tend to find that by Level 50 I have my primary skill or two maxed and therefore from then on I’m ‘adding’ extras to the build and if progress is slower (which it usually is in Elite) I lose interest unless I find a sweet bit of gear with another character to come back to (which is ok by me).

What I want to know after seeing a recent thread of people talking about how they generally don’t go far past normal before restarting is:

Is there value in having a build compendium for L50 (or maybe 60) chars?

I.e. it forms targets to aim for below lvl 85 either as a goal before restarting or a midway point to end-game.

It also means newbies etc can get a good idea of strong builds and options for L50/60 that may not necessarily be strong later in the game, which in turn allows for presentation of unique and quirky build ideas too!

For people like myself who enjoy the process of developing builds, having inspiration ~L50/60 that is not necessarily very gear dependent would be more valuable than all the L85 builds that seem generally dependent on specific gear.

Votes/feedback welcome :slight_smile:

Yeah it means people might maybe use a mod I made that no one ever touched. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m for it, though I don’t especially see why you couldn’t just request a level 50/60 char to be included in the primary compendium. There is a distinct lack of medium-level build posts on the forums, which is a definite shame as it’s what many new players both need and want.

I suppose the thing stopping people using a hard cap mod is that they just may want to continue levelling a build that ends up quite strong (I.e. In my case the few high level chars I have)…

I’m thinking one feature of this compendium would be “starts to struggle in Elite-A2” or such similar statements supporting why it’s a L50/60 build.

I’ve wanted grim dawn to have some way to stop xp gain for a long time now, lots of fun ideas for low level builds to twink out with OP gear but it doesn’t seem to have that much support sadly. It would be awesome to see fully decked out characters at specific levels such as 10 or 25 or 50 and see how far into the game you can get with them. Maybe some day we’ll have these silly niche things to play around with eh?

Would be 100% for any low level compendium but like I said if there is no real way of stopping xp gain without the use of mods I don’t believe we would see that many interesting builds posted, lots of folks will probably want to test out their builds on various monsters and -oops- i just hit level 61

I’m not sure a forced cap would work.

Actually, thinking further perhaps the reason interest peters out in a lot of ‘fun’ builds is the viability of ‘normal’ vs Veteran. So having an optional ‘Normal’ for Elite and Ultimate may keep those builds viable while maintaining the more difficult mode for those wanting it (haven’t seen it really be a problem for normal vs veteran)?

Therefore the compendiums would be ‘normal builds’ and ‘veteran builds’ …hmm.

I would like to see builds to level up quickly as possible.

I would personally look toward build having a leveling up section and not being item dependant.

It’s alright to actually have a working build lvl 85 running double Albretch Duality or some sort of really specific Legendary item but for new player (those for who the build make be the more usefull) it isn’t viable to look toward oh once I’m at that level and have every ultimate 3 times this is gonna be my end result…What if I want to run a character using those skill but lacking some of those mostly conversion item.

Why would people actually say no to this. The developers have stated over and over that very low percentage of people actually play in Ultimate. It would be very helpful to those players who only play standard and maybe actually convince them to give Elite a chance.

Plus it makes my Lightning Nova builds Great again since Lightning Nova sucks in Ultimate.

Hm…I guess it might make a modicum of more sense to get a level 50 compendium after there’s been some level 50 build posts. AFAIK eisprinzessin is really the only person here to make such posts.

So get posting, people. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, but it was just one guide. However, that one and some of my other builds are based on negative feedback on the forums and my take on making something supposedly inferior work.

We can come up with builds faster than we can actually play them let alone post comprehensive guides. But just posting a draft with a short description and level guide might be feasible.

How should such a compendium be organised? If I was starting as a new player, I would probably not look for dual-class X or Y, but ask for a caster, a shield build, a <damage type(s)> build, etc.

Would it be fun, if we start a thread every (other) week and ask people to come up with build ideas with a certain goal / constraint in mind? Me thinks this can also be used to introduce people to mechanics.

A thread challenge every couple weeks would be pretty fun.

As for organization…If I was new, what I’d most question would be playstyle. Callidor’s, for example, IS a spell…But the playstyle is Melee, you’re right up in the thick of things. So I’d organize it by range. Er, “intended” range, since we all know things can close on you and force anyone into melee.

And then, withing range, things like spell/attack, and perhaps if the build is focused on doing all the DPS, or focused on being tanky. Last levels should probably be by class/class combo, and then primary skills within that.

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Perhaps I am misunderstanding this thread but… won’t the current build set also cover 50/60? I have found most of the builds on the forum will allow a character to complete Veteran with few difficulties. Elite is harder for some of the builds I have tried but mostly doable. Ultimate is tough (correctly so) and does seem to require a good build melded with the right gear.
To be blunt - follow pretty much any guide here and complete Vet/normal.