Level 50 Fire/Burn Sorcerer Build

Hey all, new to the game. I’m level 50 and starting Elite, and my build is obviously trash being new. Giving me trouble. So I undid everything and am starting from scratch, and have been researching to see where I should be at build wise. I was mainhanding Fireball and also using Blackwater Cocktail which seemed to work okay for Normal, but Elite is different of course. I’ve found some builds but they are all at level 100 and obviously I’m missing a lot of those points, and a lot of the terminology is just above my head at this point.

Are there any fun/decently viable Caster Sorcerer builds based on Fire/Burn damage? And if so could someone point me in the right direction as a level 50, not 100? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

post your current build if you would please. I would go with the firestrike line and at level 50 you use thermite mines as well, ofcourse flametouched as aura. I don’t know what your looking for, i am usually looking for what levels quickly…

I was making absolute garbage builds till about a year ago. You’re fine, mate. :slight_smile:

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There are plenty about, but most are rather item dependent. Sorcs aren’t the friendliest builds to start the game with.

If I may - at level 50, you should be thinking about how you want your level 100 spec to turn out.

It’s akin to a journey. If you don’t have a fixed destination in mind, you’ll get lost.

Likewise, if you have no direction for a build, it’ll end up a mess of conflicting damage types, and garbage resists.

So I don’t think anyone here can point you to a level 50 guide. But we can definitely give you advice on how to get to 100.

Some guides to help you out:

Thanks. Maybe I just chose the wrong starter mastery.