Level 60+ gear


so I’m level 72 atm and at the final boss with elite difficulty and I’m still running around with the level 50-60 gear I got with veteran difficulty.

Did I miss anything or why do I get nothing dropped which is leve 60+ and better then my current gear?

It’s all RNG I’m afraid , I was still in a lot of 30-35 gear when I was in my early 60’s , for a new player I was a bit disgruntled too , but you just have to keep your fingers crossed that gear for your build starts to drop :slight_smile:

I noticed this more so on my pet build , wanting peces with bonus to pets .

A good set of resistance gear will get you through Elite without a problem in my experience. Higher faction gear and augments open up at Level 70 as well if you’re revered with any factions.

Ok, it’s just very annoying to get not one useful item in a playthrough while you get in normal/veteran very frequently an useful item.