Level 75 items drop from Ultimate BoC troves

I don’t think this is right? Or intended? Right now a level 75 legendary dropped from the trove, something that wont drop from an act 1 out of the gate zombie because they are all level 100+. Sooo whats going on here? Another bug? Troves have already pretty crap droprates you know.

Challenge dungeon troves are getting a buff, not sure about items but they will have a bigger chance to drop Blueprints

Blueprints of level 75 helms?

it should be based on mobs and your level. if you’re level 100 and the mobs are 106-108 i would HOPE that chest is dropping mythic blueprints.

That zombie will actually drop level 75 stuff. Legendary loot pools are huge.

Edit: that last statement may not be perfectly accurate. The level range of possible drops is huge is more exact.

But the item already has a mythical level 94 variant. Whole BoC is 100+ level, the last boss is level 110 or something and I’ve never seen a level 75 item drop from them. Yet troves can? Funniest part is this thing is extremely rare, like it is some sort of achievement to drop a level 75 legendary from a challenge dungeon.

level 68 item from an ultimate BoC trove


That problem is entirely different, some green affixes are capped at pre-expansion levels (ie lvl 68 for this one)

haven’t you ever wondered why the final loot room drops of SoT have always been VASTLY superior to BoC or Varbury?

yeah… the drops aren’t balanced yet. Crate will be fixing this next patch so i’ve heard, fixing all drops across PV and BoC to bring them up to SoT levels. If you want loot i’d just farm SoT, i get more blue/purple/recipe from there any day of the week, and it’s easier anyway lol. Not as much fun, but easier.

Are you kidding me? RAIDER boots, the item base itself is so low level. Have you ever seen RAIDER gear dropping from a 100+ level mob? I look at most greens that drop, not a single one was with RAIDER base, you play elite and you get this crap there.

Its not the affixes, the troves themselves are designed to drop items of way lower quality, even level 75 legendaries.


I got the exact same level 75 legendary from the exact same challenge dungeon trove. Amazing. Also 3 runs so far and not a single blueprint even though I am missing a lot of them. Whats up with that?

Are you completing wave 150?

Anyway, I personally am happy to see a few lower level drops, because we have a tendency to be at level 100 FAR longer than at level 75, and we usually do not farm Crucible until you get to at least level 94. This gives you a chance to get gear for your new characters.

I am doing challenge dungeons, bastion of chaos and port valbury, and opening the trove there. Yes, a single legendary item is guaranteed but there is no blueprint and the chance of low level item is quite high.

And no, I don’t like it, it makes no sense for a level 75 legendary or a level 67 green to drop out of a chest which is supposed to be accessible when you beat one of the harder game contents. I’ve opened my share of chests and treasure troves in ultimate, not a single one of them does this.

Blueprint drops work like this:

  1. checks if blueprint already found, if yes, go to 2, otherwise drops this choice

  2. second check, if not found yet is dropped, if this second one is also already found it drops nothing

The effect is that as you find more blueprints the drops become more rare. Doesn’t mean that the drop mechanic isn’t working.

So no difference at all. You may never find the blueprint you are looking for even though you have all parts of the set but the helm. Is the game balanced around the OP Inquisitor Crucible farming builds? Curious.