Level cap past 100 bugs


I am just starting to get my feet wet with GD modding. I made a very simple mod that raised the level cap to 200 (no other changes). My character dinged over to 101 then monsters stopped spawning. I used a trainer to revert the character level back to 100 and then monsters started spawning again. Does anyone know how to fix this issue or know what else I would need to change?

Steam version, have AoM.

it’s something davood ran into for DAIL when he started, it’s an issue with proxies and you can make it work with lua, for whatever reason that is working just fine.

The question is, what do you want it for, just for higher level numbers, more skill points or some kind of endgame grind, because unless you want to rework every proxy and recreate them with lua (which could result in small freezes when entities are being spawned) there could be a better way to get what you want :slight_smile:

I tried everything when davood brought it up, from changing dbr levels to the actual map’s max level, nothing worked, only dga worked fine and that’s done entirely with lua and the maps in dga are designed to work with lua spawns without freezing the game, for the campaign however, doing this can result in some serious issues.

So basically, it is possible but not really worth doing due to the amount of work associated with it, and even once the work is done, there is still issues with it.

As far as why, I want to learn my way around the GD files and its structure to start gaining a knowledge base on how to mod certain things. Figured something like raising the level cap would be an OK place to start. I figured it was just something that I wasn’t aware of in the files that I could change to fix this issue. Apparently not really the case.

If I were to set out on this endeavor, would I need to create these lua scripts from scratch or would I be edited existing ones?

Thank you very much for your reply :smiley:

You would be making them from scratch, just to give you a rough overview of what you would have to do:

  • add a lua hook to each proxy in the game, unique hooks to boss proxies and remove the dbr entries
  • do the same to proxy spawns on death (those like the warden where you have a 2nd phase)
  • add every monster dbr to a lua array, so you have the path to create the entity
  • make arrays to recreate proxy pools and proxies with spawn weights
  • write the script to gather the data you need to decide what to spawn

this really is just a tiny glimpse :D, there is a shred of good news though, you don’t have to worry about nemesis. iirc they are already spawned with lua.

You are better off trying to make/change a mastery or item and add them to loottables/blacksmiths rather than recreate the entire spawning system in lua and fight against the engine. Making Items and Masteries is probably where you’ll end up anyways. And you already know you got everything set up right, because your character gained a level :smiley:

I’m not sure there is an easy way getting into modding GD, you just jump in head first and hope for the best. The very first thing I did was change some values for Masteries.
If you are interested in making new maps and quests. Make a new small map, put monsters/npcs in it and play around with loot, masteries, conversations, quests and maybe lua (though lua should be a last resort).

Yeah… think I will start tinkering with other things. Figured something like the masteries or the loot tables would be much more work than this.

Before I make another assumption, adding custom items just as much trouble? Rather gear/weapon related or things like in the Cataclysm mod that give attribute points or experience.

I’ve spent good amount of time modding the ArmA games over the years so just getting started anywhere to get more comfortable with the tools and file structure of GD would be awesome.

not very familiar with other mods, but I assume it’s a potion that gives you points/xp? If that’s the case oneshot_potionmana and oneshot_potionhealth can do that, they have a bunch of fields at the end (under bonus), but you can’t be at max life or mana to use them.
I’d just copy a mana pot over, remove the mana gain and add the bonus. Same for Gear, it’s easier to adjust stuff, than create a blank item and forget about a field, wondering why it isn’t showing up in game :D,
but with a different path and name, wouldn’t want to overwrite useful items.

as for adding it to loottables, you should probably follow the dbr references back to the actual table yourself.

No clue how modding in other games is, only modded GD and some .cfg editing in Van Helsing. They are pretty similar, hunt down the file with the value you want to change. Everything is work in modding GD you only get faster doing it. :smiley:

Well, I was able to make some new potions that give random things, like iron, experience, etc into the game and on some loot tables. Can’t find where the tags for items are though and normal strings do not work. The potions drop as ‘Tag not found: Experience Potion’. I’ll figure it out though. Not bad for my first day :smiley:

Thanks again for all the help so far.

I let my computer index the entire grim dawn folder and was able to track down where and how to do item tags/descriptions.