Level restrictions for multiplayer

Can anyone explain me is it even possible to prevent certain character levels from joining you?
If it is possible, then how to do it?

For example, it’s not very enjoyable to have open multiplayer server with level 50 character, when level 85 character joins my game. I can deal with mobs without much effort, but hero monsters and bosses scale way too high for a level 50 character.


Attachment: MP_LevelRange.jpg

When you host a game you can set that restriction. I can’t remember exact name, but default value is 74. Set something like 5. It means that only players with less your level or more your level can join your game. For instance, if you have level 50, only players between level 45 and 55 can join your game.

EDIT: ok, I found an image. Is called, “Level range”.

The host can set a level range:

I wonder if the default setting should be more like +/-5 (or 10).

I will try it out with input value 5 or something, then I will report back.
I’m curious to know why is there the option to insert 3 digits in that level range field? Maximum level has 2 digits.

The expansion increases the level to 100, mods…

In addition to what mamba said, maximum level supported by the engine is 200.

That is the default value in that field. So, that’s the reason why. But it’s rather confusing when you see that number value preset, knowing that 85 is currently maximum.

It works. Thanks.