Leveling vs Designing

So I think it has to do with my personality type, but I get so much more enjoyment out of designing characters than I do out of playing those characters.
I’ve designed at least 50 different characters (although I ended up deleting most of them after act 1 or 2 because the builds weren’t as good/fun as others), but my highest leveled character is 56, in act 1 elite. And I’ve been playing this game since december. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t get me wrong, I love the crap out of this game, but I honestly have way more fun creating builds than getting to end-game. Does anyone else feel the same way? I’m curious.

I am the same way. I have owned this game for a long while. I am constantly deleting characters and starting over. The last time I had a max level character was just before the full release of the game. Then I deleted everything to start fresh and none of my characters have gotten past the 50’s since.

While i have gotten a few builds to “end game”, i mostly enjoy restarting from scratch and making new toons or just re-rolling a pre existing build i came up with, then playing through Vet and seeing where i end up. I normally just delete my toons if they die anyways (late elite or early ult) :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the one game where i actually feel content starting fresh and just enjoying the game for what it offers, rather than being focused on getting to a max level, end game, pvp or whatever.

So you’re not the only one in that boat ;):slight_smile:

Sounds about like me. More or less.

Is this the local AA meeting?

I wouldn’t say this is a problem though, just a different way to enjoy the game :smiley:

Every time I say to myself, “I really like this build, I want to get it to max level”, I end up thinking of a newer, shinier build after about level 35 and the other one gets left in the dust :rolleyes: