LF a build with low gear requirements to clear ultimate.


searching for a fresh build to take to ultimate. It should not need very specific legendaries and be able to clear ultimate, idially work selffound.

builds i already tried are:

Vitality Conjurer (lvl 79): works great selffound, i like the active playstyle, something similar would be sweet.

2h physical warder (lvl 50): boring so far, but strong.

DW saboteur(lvl 52): not my style…although its effective.

Would like to try:

Poison Caster;
Any ultimate viable version of an arcanist caster with low gear requirement;
Also open for other melee builds, that work with low-medium gear.

Umm, check the Build Compendium V for builds

Since you already know what you want just search and decide

Dreeg’s Champion by TomoDak for poison
Callidor’s Tempest Battlemage (by me)/Sorcerer (by Narukana)

Links in the compendium :slight_smile: