LF SR Build


I am looking for a build that can EASILY deal with SR75-76. I have a few that can do it, but not with deathless all the time. Sometimes I die 2-3x, sometimes I don’t. But it always take like 20 minutes or more. I am looking for something that can reliably finish SR75-76 within a decent time.

I am open to all kinds of builds, besides retaliations. A big pro would be if it’s also fun to level with.
I don’t mind if it’s a caster, melee, ranged or whatever. If you have any suggestion(s) please let me know so I can look into it and see if I’d like to give it a go!

Many thanks!

Nothing is gonna make SR 75-76 easy every single time, there’s too much variation. If you get a bad combo there then you will probably die.

Oh, and retaliation builds are some of the strongest so…um, yeah. I was originally against them, too, but since I’ve played a couple I think they’re actually pretty fun.




Paladin,many ways to play it,quite strong as shield,ranged or caster build.

Warlord is good class.Acid Dervish for speed and comfort.

I’m 100% sure about Venomblade.

What’s the reason for your dislike of retaliation builds? Do you think they’re just slow freaks, who can do nothing VS caster mobs or so, waiting till procs do all the job?
You cant be further from truth! Modern retalliation builds can kill enemies with their own hands, even if those dont attack at all. Yes, they literally melt melee fast-hitting foes like Fabius, but that’s just a nice bonus.

So, BEHOLD Physical retalliation Drain Essence Oppressor!

He’s easy to play and almost unkillable, except for oneshots. And he clears SR very quickly!

Oh, you might say “hey, he uses double-rare MI!”, but those mods arent mandatory actually. You can get something like “Prismatic … of thorns” and it will work (just a bit less DPS).
BTW, he has 120k DPS, and 200k+ with procs, along with crazy ADCTH, resist reduction and AoE (84% chance to hit 13 enemies). Decent OA and crits are present too.

Of course, doing SR 75+ deathless all the time is probably impossible for ANY build. At very least, you have to watch for Gravathul (when he raises hands, run as fast as you can to evade red orbs) & Arcane heros, pull 1-2 bosses in boss rooms, use faction consumables, etc.

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I am actually using your Will O Whispers(?) build with Bysmiel and Diviner’s Set. I actually even got more DA than you due to slightly better use of components etc. but I still have trouble sometimes… but I guess it’s me. Pets do die quickly sometimes tho… hehe. But a very strong build nonetheless… strongest so far :slight_smile:

Because leveling retaliation is slow and kind of impossible. But… I guess I could level a different way instead of endgame. Use other skills etc until 94. But the playstyle… I don’t know. I actually prefer a caster or something. I am fairly sure my AAR Spellbinder will be able to do 7576 aswell… but meh…

Link your current GT link. Ghosts are immortal and birbs shouldn’t die to most stuff. So, if pets dying is a problem and you are not fighting Callagadra/Crate, there is something wrong.

That’s very far from truth. At level ~40 you can already use full retalliation gear and melt enemies. Sure, retalliation builds are a bit more gear-dependant than “normal” ones, but if you have some retal items from previous chars (perdition set, for example), they have a blast while leveling too.

You can even level up retal DE with DE (though i’d recommed RF). I’ve leveled up retal build recently, and there are no problems at all. Dont forget, that due to “retaliation damage added to attack” on your skills you can deal damage even to enemies who dont hit you.

BTW, that retal DE build is essentially a caster. He’s played as usually DE caster (that is very similar to AAR). The difference is that he has insane AoE (that AAR or even “normal” DE builds often lack), insane ADCTH, has 0 energy issue and has retalliation as a bonus.


I would recommend my PRM Mage Hunter. All around beast, easy to gear, easy to play.

Here you go: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZo4gQEN
Some components are different, because I already overcapped elemental resistance I used more armour/absorb instead of spellscorched plating :slight_smile: If you DO find anything wrong… please, let me know :slight_smile:

My use of SpellScorched Plating is for Mogdrogen. He has -80% Lightning RR :stuck_out_tongue:
Otherwise you probably won’t need it.

Now, Armor is kind of useless for pet builds, or in other words, not so useful for pet builds. What is useful is pet total speed. I see that you replaced Chest and Helm Components. That is a 16% pet total speed lost. Kind of a big thing, especially when focusing on Birbs as they take Cast Speed for their basic “attack”.

But other than that, I don’t see much that should cause problems. If needed put in a Mender’s Powder Augment on Ring or Amulet to help with Pet Chaos res.

True, but the Aether Resistance is pretty nice aswell tho… and the HP is OK.
Is 16% really a BIG difference?

Considering that it is pretty much what we are doing differently and I consider it as one of my strongest builds to date, I would say it makes a notable difference :stuck_out_tongue:

lol pretty much this. Pets specs are just ridiculous. I play with a guy sometimes who has a ritualist and his pets kill ravager whilst barely dying and meanwhile he barely gets hit. Not really my personal choice though, i find pet specs horribly boring.