Light of Empyrion needs a different trigger

LoE does fire damage.

Chances are, the player would take Demo to support that fire damage.

Chances are, the player would take at least 1 point in Searing Light since it’s such a good source of damage reduction.

Searing Light significantly reduces the chance of getting hit by melee attacks.

LoE depends on getting hit by melee attacks.

LoE needs a different trigger.

I play a commando with LoE as my only AoE damage, tank spec. I love and hate it. It has good and bad, good being fire damage, bad is crap damage…good is causing mobs to be confused, bad causing mobs to be confused, good reducing DA of mobs, crap amount of DA reduction doesn’t seem to have any effect on me being able hit/crit, good, bonus damage to undead and cathonics. Also it does have some sweet resists, however I would rather have those spare points to put into more offensive devotions since resist are not hard to cap.

I don’t use flashbang or searing light, I actually want mobs to hit/attack me, cause as a defensive tank that is my main damage. So, the ability is not meant for every spec, I think it’s meant for defensive setups, but it definitely needs a buff on damage.

You know I was reading an earlier thread about LoE and I had forgotten that Retaliation Commandos exist. I suppose LoE would trigger well with that. I gotta agree the whole constellation might be worse than Blind Sage, which is quite a feat.

Searing Light is a no-no with retaliation builds. Problem is the skill itself actually has a chance to confuse enemies, which is counter-productive. I would probably change the “chance to confuse” with “generates additional threat”.

I reworked the Maelstrom buildto use LoE devotion

The Raw Fire damage node from LoE is nice, however its procs effects weren’t clear during the heat of the battle. I could feel it hit her (insect bitch) hard but i didn’t go off enough times to justify its Tier-3 status.

A Test Build-

Here’s a pic with Mad Queen kill, i lured her out cause her adds were really getting in the way of my targeting. And the DPS seems low because of the Explosive Strike mechanic change in the recent patch so effective DPS should be higher

Attack Speed is 198% btw

I might make a separate thread soon. This build isn’t optimized. I came up with it in 30 minutes (after reading the posts in this thread) so there’s plenty of room for improvement (like life-steal :)). I think i have an “of Voracity” dagger somewhere but i can’t remember which profile has it.

My Thoughts:-

I can see why people might want to use it for retaliation commandos. But the %weapon damage on the proc combined with the raw fire damage node make it decent for melee.
Its position among defensive constellation works well with the Ulzuin Set’s offensive capabilities. I didn’t even need to use the Justicar Set (Besides Handguards of Justice) which is a really great defensive set (and has a really fucking impressive amount of flat fire damage).

In Closing:-

Overall that constellation could use a buff (they could remove the %confuse chance and increase the radius of effect), but i don’t think it’s worse than Blind Sage. Blind Sage remains the most useless constellation mostly because elemental as a whole sucks while individually each element is rather impressive.

Thus totally defeating the idea of Flashbang being a defensive skill.

Yeah like i said LoE seems to be a decent melee devotion. It’s similar to SoTH albeit a bit weaker

Light of Empyreon constellation could have one of it’s % Elemental Resistance nodes switched to a more appealing bonus, like a + flat HP and Energy, as Elemental Resistance is not so hard to get anyways.

Also, it would be nice if the skill healed you up by a small amount, or gave you a pretty high % HP Regen for 1 sec or so…

I tested this setup in plains of strife against Lox and some fleshwarped hero. Didn’t face much problems. Imo the flat damage should be increased on its nodes, the elemental resistance needs to be converted to something offensive, the %confuse chance needs to be scrapped all together and the skill’s radius needs to be increased. The devotion suits melee imo, we have plenty of defensive devotions on the way so no point in adding more defense to those nodes

I wish they would just take the confuse chance off, and move it to something that casters generally have access so, hell maybe blind sage could get it added to the little orbs to make that constellation worth getting. I will admit the confuse does mitigate damage, but it doesn’t seem to work on anything but trash mobs who deal no damage anyway to tanks, who would be the ones that have access to it.

Not Flashbang. Light of Empyrion.

I would like the “Chance to Confuse” applied by “Light of Empyrion” to be changed to “Generates additional threat”. Perhaps my post was a bit ambiguous. I do not want “Flashbang” touched. I feel it’s fine the way it is. But Light of Empyrion having chance to confuse is bad for retaliation builds. As enemies hit you then wonder around aimlessly before striking you again.

But I guess I’m only looking at the skill from a retaliation perspective.

Would be nice to change confusion chance with OA debuff or general %dmg debuff