Light of truth

You obtain this skill from the mythical tome of truth I think, the real question I have is can it proc devotions that are 100% on critical hit? It will allow me to bind it to some of these devotion I just don’t see how it would ever crit since there is no damage being dealt from the skill. If that’s the case then why is it bindable to things it won’t make work?

it will trigger
skills don’t need dmg to crit, they just need to “hit”/make a hit rating check which everything does
curse of frailty, 0 dmg teleport runes etc/what spells or “attacks” you have with 0 dmg
you can easily confirm if a skill can be assigned to crit devotion; game wont let you assign a skill that can’t be triggered
skills that can’t be assigned to crit devos are usually just manually excluded, doesn’t mean they can’t actually crit, ex could be debuffs like word of pain vs assassin’s mark

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