Lightning melee, round 47

Lightning melee still doesn’t exist outside of PS, sadly.

Tried this Conjurer:
Survivability is terrible, speed is barely 5mins (if you are lucky enough to finish the run).

This build tries to abuse flat conversion from Occultist through recent heavy Stormheart buff and uses buffed Korvaak’s medal to rely on melee. And still does more dmg with other skills and procs.

To reiterate: lightning melee needs

  • Reliable flat sources. Much more of them
  • Extra layers of defense to compensate for the delayed application of RR from most skills and devotion and survive against enemies like Grava, Korvaak, Kymon.

i know it’s probably not much better due to ST dmg, but did you try with 1 stormrend for PS spam version?
i was looking forward to the 9.2 buffs on my own stormrend/stormheart conjurer, thinkinh it might finally be able to pull through :thinking:

DW PS already works quite well (Druid). Each patch i try to make a lightning AA build and each time i fail.

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I don’t think this is fair, mythical stormreaver seems the appropriate weapon for lightning savagery, since it has modifiers it and can use the transmuter.

Every Stormreaver build i saw had Savagery as a filler and buff provider with Totems and Wind Devils being main sources of dmg.

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well, somebody has to be the first to try then, no?

A lot of people already tried. Stormreaver had its glory days as a broken weapon too. However all of them ended the same way. Good build but majority of damage come from spells. Unless you don’t invest in totems and in that case you’ll end up with an inferior build.

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well, I made a Veilkeeper/Stormreaver Druid build (probably u know about it) abd it’s quite decent, for a lightning melee specially.

But I agree that the whole archetype needs some love and buffs.
I suggested already not to remove the racial from Eye of the Storm and making WD lifetime/mines arm time better but still nothing happened.
And ofc I cannot admit the inconsistency of lightning damage due to high value spread and chances of dealing damage - once you can literally delete Grava, another try would take way longer to kill etc.


But this seems by design, savagery has no attack arc or piercing for rifles so it must be supported by totems and devils to take care of the surrounding fodder. If savagery was supposed to function better on its own then I suppose the developer would have designed it differently.

EDIT: Also I would like to add that if the player insists on using savagery more independently, the strategy should be to focus on upheaval strongly and proc it like crazy. Also this build chooses to convert possession instead of raking in tons of free points in stormcaller pact, which I also find an odd choice.

I’d actually rather see wind devil move speed upped. Will show in archon eor build when I get a video this weekend, but it works when all the devils/cinder tornados line up and feels like poop when they don’t

Probably not going to solve lightning savagery stability issue though

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This is most likely an attempt to stabilize the build. It does lose out on lightning % but gains the flat chaos conversion and DR. Haven’t played but can see the thought that stormcaller isn’t going to make it a rahzin style murder before murdered yourself setup, you’ll just be really uneven lightning damage still and die

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That is true, which is why banana made the thread to perhaps change zantai’s mind and support melee savagery more. Also, physical savagery works well. The version I saw/used also had 16/16 totem but most of the damage do come from the autoattacks themselves.

I think for the sake of efficiency, if you have the option to easily hardcap stormcaller on a lightning build you do it and then worry about where to catch up the defense.

In this case I see an opening on the movement rune, there is one blitz style that applies 12% DR and another leap one that applies 15% in an area.

Different type DR on those, works with possession although going to be limited application on a movement rune. My recommendation would be to recreate the build and try it yourself, hypothetical exclusive efficiency discussions aren’t going to carry a ton of weight over actual testing.

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I’m not in the playtest but besides from OP’s meme Conjurer and other Stormheart theorycrafts like Elementalist/Pyromancer/Warder; other one-hand existing or changed lightning(Crystallum) weapons has physical base but we don’t have a lightning component with buff for melee purposes.

My suggestion would be, a new 75 lvl lightning damage component with %10 phys>lightning conversion ans stats like seal of skies but instead of a granted skill, a buff that provides %6-8 less damage from chthonics, %10 deflect chance and some 50-60 DA? Because using 2x Seal of Skies on a DW melee build is just weird.

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you are right I’m just theorizing and have absolutely no idea if my stormreaver-savagery-upheaval idea can actually work, but I wanted to give this tip about the movement runes since the l50 ones get overlooked sometimes and these have helped me ‘stabilize’ a build in the past that could not pull this debuff from its masteries.

New lightning component for melee would be super cool, I’d love to see that.

I’ve dreamt of new lightning melee set modifiers Savagery with cold/acid/pierce damage converted to lightning damage and VoS for lightning RR… Too strong?

Was actually hoping for 100% phys to lightning to Savagery on Crystallum. As stated above, without proper components you can only get ~50% when dual-wielding.

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I’m not a playtester and didn’t test the newest Crystallum, but as I imagined/theorycrafted, that sword will be a Trickster weapon and I’m sure it will be better than Stormhearts. With proper melee components and average rolls you’ll get %65 phys>lightning conversion which should be okay. Maybe it can get a bit base damage buff.

Oathkeeper support on the other hand is only a meme and I really can’t see why anyone play such Archon since lightning EoR has it’s own weapons and there’s Cyclone set. Maybe Z change that ascension mod with Shattering Smash so Lightning S&B Archon become real outside of lighting RATA and Shield Throwing.

But a proper lightning component with buff should help a lot. Both for Crystallum, Stormrend builds and ofc lightning EoR. Other usable lightning melee weapons are epics and Stormhearts are meant to use with Cadence and FS with Seal of the Voids, shaman is a support class there. OP’s build is more focusing on Devils, Totems and procs rather than hitting with savagery so I can’t really classify it as lightning melee.

TBF flat components being forced melee/ranged is always a bummer to me. Cold gunner has to fit a seal that doesn’t fit especially well because no coldstone. Fire isn’t quite as bad off for ranged since seal of the void is a usual pick, but otherwise can’t leverage enchanted flint. But I think the last time this came up it was either shot down or nothing came of it.

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