Lightning melee, round 47

Yeah I know but Fire/Cold/Lightning range builds performs better than most DW melee opponent. DW lightning melee was mostly meme atleast until Stormheart and Crystallum changes and Stormserpent buff in the previous patch. Recent changes to Veilkeeper(Druid) and Stormreaver should become a good archetype. Ultos PS is still good and needs no nerf or buff. And actually neither of these builds require such component since their base damage is lightning not physical. Stormheart builds also mostly will use Seal of the Void as I mentioned. The weapons that needs a proper melee lightning component are Crystallum and Stormrend(except epics)

I’m aware that devs somehow dodge this lightning component issue whenever it comes up but now they seem to be creating alternatives for lightning melee so why not a new component? Doesn’t have to provide huge damage either, I suggested it should have some less %chthonic damages so they atleast survive againts grava but imho using seal of skies makes no sense in those builds.

I once made a mod for myself that changed the names of the ‘bolts’ components into ‘salts’ and then made them apply to all weapons. But then stopped using it as my builds would be ‘illegitimate’.

Since it’s on topic with Lightning melee, I’m gonna make the following suggestions:


  1. Change the 25% Cold Damage converted to Lightning damage to 25% Acid Damage converted to Lightning damage.

  2. Change the 100% Cold Damage converted to Lightning damage to Blade Burst to 100% Acid damage converted to Lightning damage.

  3. Add 100% Acid damage converted to Lightning damage to Blade Burst to it. Lightning Shadow Strike fully converts 2 damage types so why can’t Blade Burst?

Reason being: at the present moment you can’t convert the Acid damage in any way to Lightning. It’s just stuck there. If you try to make a build around the Conduit using the Amarastan Crusher, you’re missing out on a massive source of damage. And frankly, unless a ton of accessible Acid->Lightning sources get added soon, it’s easier right now to convert the Cold over to Lightning on gear, not that that’s pretty either but right now, it’s preferable.

Fully agree on this. In particular on Lightning Trickster:

  • Global Acid->Lightning conversion doesn’t exist, at all. Any time you try to pick up Lethal Assault for damage, you’re at best trying to make a half-baked source of flat work compared to other damage types:

  • Global Cold->Lightning and Pierce->Lightning options are pretty limited. You basically have Stormserpent’s set, Ascendant Pauldrons, Spark of Ultos (which lacks attack speed so is undesirable) and Mythical Cerulean Shard or the Nightblade Conduit.

    • Adding on to this, they lack skill bonuses to Lethal Assault and Dual Blades and in Ascendant Pauldron’s case blocks an easy +3 to Lethal Assault in Zantarin’s Shoulders.

Both points culminate in you ending up with at best Lethal Assault that provides far less damage than other damage types where you’re struggling to hardcap it and Dual Blades hardly being any better. As you also miss out on flat sources in Shaman (as Brute Force is locked off and Mogdrogen’s Pact/Blood Pact either don’t synergise or are low efficiency), it means you don’t have a strong base to start working on for damage.


acid>lightning conversion would definitely be better for non-SS lightning Trickster builds but for ABB, it’s still impossible to get overcap the skills with lightning gears. I had suggested it should be changed to lightning blade spirits in here

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