Light's Defender set: add Wendigo Totem mod

Disclaimer: this is strictly for us thematic-flavor-freaks. This request will look stupid to people who don’t care much about that.

So anyway, Light’s Defender set, as can be deducted from the name and description, is all about purity, holiness, etc. Yet if you look at top Shaman builds utilizing this set (the ones from GrimSheet, for one), they also use Wendigo Totem, which is quite the opposite of what set’s theme implies. And that’s totally understandable: it’s a good source of extra (passive) healing, skipping it on caster Shamans is almost blasphemous.

But if for whatever reason player(s) (me and probably two-and-a-half other people) decide to play along the theme being an actual Stormcaller, and opt from using “unholy blood magic”, they’ll get penalized for doing so in form of not having a stable source of 1,5k+ HP per sec.

According to Wendigo Totem’s description, they’re “taboo to most tribes”, which would have to include Stormcallers. In fact, it’s hard to find Shaman builds that don’t use it.

Ugh, that’s quite a lot of text for such a primitive request, but I hope you understand I’m tryna make a point here. So here goes: add 100% vitality → lightning to Wendigo Totem, so that it would look like a cleansing ritual was performed upon the totem and now it bestows Empyrion’s healing touch upon his Defenders. WT is nothing damage wise unless it’s fully supported through Dark One and other items, and LD’s Shaman side doesn’t provide too much as well, so at least this thematic touch would be nice.

Not sure about the visuals though, perhaps the model for Storm Totem can be used. Or left as it is, I have no clue.


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