List of ELITE shrines?

Is there a List of ELITE shrines? I’m missing two and it’s driving me crazy lol. Already got em all on 3 other characters but this time around I can’t figure out which 2 I skipped.

I have the list for normal but many are removed on elite so that’s not super helpful


there ya go:

all shrines

i’m at 43. that’s incorrect right? there’s like 30 points on Normal, 15 points on Elite, and 5 on hardcore?

feel like a moron i can’t figure out which im missing still, going through the list one by one.

28 normal, 17 elite and 13 ultimate.

do you have the list for the normal shrines? i do the hardcore/veteran but i only found 27 shrines then i already touch the avatar of mogdrogen.

see posts 2 & 3

Warning: SPOILERS!