List of monsters being freezing immune / have too much freezing res. for OFF


The build being used for testing FYI:

Celestials in general:

  • Yes, I’m going to list these as well here cuz imo they should at least be freezable for a very small duration as well.
    I see it that way:
    People invest a lot of time into a build (in this case OFF) only to be met with a “middle finger” and see it do absolutely nothing against them.


  • Manifestation of Hunger

  • Gazer Prime

  • Grand Magus Morgoneth

  • Keeper of the Seal

  • Ellena, the First Slith

  • The Steward

  • Inarah, the Afflicted

  • Risen Stone, Temple Guardian

  • Gannar’vakkar, King of the Sand

  • Sylvarria, Queen of the Undergrowth

  • Bargoll, the Mouldering Mound
    (Something seemed off about him, at times he got frozen and other times he didn’t. Database says he has 500% tho so I’ll add him.)

  • Lagoth’Ak, Harbinger of Blood
    (Got frozen for only 0,1 of a sec. Which is a a bit odd, reason I’m adding him here as well)

  • Plagius, the Decrepit

  • Commander Lucius

  • Malkadarr, Champion of Death’s Vigil

  • Ragrathar Rageblood

  • Karroz, Sigil of Ch’Thon

  • Venarius, the Backbreaker

  • Jarren the Plaguewarped

  • Watcher Ordas, Ygraad & Brandis

  • Herald of the Stars (Both phases)

  • Swarm Queen Ravna (1st phase)

  • Herald of Destruction (Both phases)

  • Volda, the Destroyer

  • Father Abbadoth, Betrayer of Menhir

  • Kalis Ka, the Bonehunter

  • Balegor, the Swamp King

  • Direni

  • Boris, Master of the Pit

  • Ronaprax, the Grand Queen

  • Warden Krieg (2nd form)

  • Gutworm, the Maneater

  • High Priest Rolderathis

  • Primordian, the forgotten One

  • Alkamoz, Lord Executioner

  • Seeker of the Damned

  • Moosilauke (Most likely intended but might as well add him anyways to be 100% sure. Also his ice crystals having 500% cold res. is beyond absurd imo! Something more reasonable like 100-125% would be welcome so they are still challenging for cold builds but not over the top.)

  • Valaxteria (Can be thx to her MI)

  • Bloodlord Thalonis

  • Loghorrean, the Voice of Ch’thon

  • Kra’Vall, Ancient of the Waters


  • some Wendigos

  • some Crabs

  • some Leafmanes

Normal mobs:

  • Ugdenbog “plant” Golems

  • Ugdenbog maneating plants

  • Haunted crab & spikeshell

  • Aetherial Terraformer & Obelisk

  • Cold One

  • Chillmane Alpha

  • (Infused) Animated Watcher

  • Animated Preserver

Depending if I find more the list might grow.
Also if you happen to find any please post them here, thanks!

Cheers, Mergo.

EDIT: Dunno why this was moved here when the adjustments to OFF are literally on the PTR and testing is being done there too. :confused:


Finished my run thought the MC, AoM & FG areas & checked (hopefully) everything.
With this the list could / should be finished.
Found more… so will just keep updating the list whenever I find something.

Cheers, Mergo.

Meant to ask if anything related to this list got adjusted?
I guess not? :confused:

I don’t think freezing resistance of monsters should be changed. The problem isn’t their freeze resistance. The problem lies within the design of the Olexra’s Flash Freeze skill itself. It shouldn’t work like this where it either turns enemies into training dummies by perma-freezing them or simply does absolutely nothing because the enemies can’t be frozen. It should just be a regular Frost Nova and deal its damage directly while applying its RR (with changes to those ridiculous fire RR numbers) and slowing down enemies if it can’t freeze them. This would make Arcanist into an even better Mastery with actual access to RR. Also, Blade Trap should work the same way. These two skills are the only things in the game that, in my opinion, are a really bad design choice. OFF freezing enemies is lore accurate but this is a case where functionality should take priority imo.

The skills are going to get some direct scaling towards reduction of enemies freeze/trap resistance, but this doesn’t fix the issue where the skills are completely useless against the enemies that matter most. And reducing enemies freeze/trap resistance to make these skills work against them is just going to trivialize the fights because, as far as I know, the skills only deal damage/apply RR during their respective freezing/trapping duration. If the enemy can only be frozen by 0,5 seconds then I don’t think this is going to do much to improve their viability against the strongest enemies. And increasing the values to 1+ seconds is going to make those encounters really easy through constant interruptions of enemy actions. The skills should have been reworked completely imo.


You seem to have missed one very important aspect about the upcoming patch:

Perma freeze cheese is NOT possible anymore in 1.2 fyi.

I think freezing enemies for a short duration as CC is fine seeing how OFF has a fairly long cooldown and doesn’t deal a ton of dmg plus it adds to the survivability of builds using it since these don’t have many ways to sustain themselves.
Also I can’t help but scratch my head and ask myself “why?!” when I see literal plant based enemies having a freezing immunity for no good reason. :confused:
Certain enemies like Moosi, Kravall, Frozen heroes, frozen / ice type monsters being immune I can fully understand and get behind tho!

They aren’t useless anymore tho with changes coming to OFF and there is still the mageslayer set which lets you freeze bosses (for a very short duration) as well thx to the extra -freezing rr on the set.

Also reason why I wrote this line:

Interesting take on the matter tho!
Thanks! :clinking_glasses:

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