list of skills in \database\records\ui\skills

does this link work for everyone

edit again – had to change some stuff in the spreadsheet

I think its all correct
I checked it a little

Link works. I’d love to get the friendly names from the game included.

There are 5 DBR files for Blast Shield and you list 2 .db records. Any ideas how that’s resolved?

The one he listed are what called on by the Class tree database file.
Blastshield1.db calls on blastshield1_buff.db which when I look at it cant be the skill blast shield since it has offensive fire, lighting modifiers and burn so its really the skill flame touch. As for Blastshield2.db that seem to be Temper based on the data.

Have no idea what the others are no doubt something called on by an other entry somewhere…

Skipped Class 5?

He thought no one will notice!

no, it’s always been there

look again :smiley:

lol. While I’m here. Have either of you had success editing skills? I was able to add health to mastery bars, but skills are turning into red x’s for me. Or not changing at all.

I know it’s off the original topic a bit but I’m dying of not being able to do more modding work due to being stuck.

I have 9 fully functioning and completed masteries, :X

they have no sounds or visual effects but … everything else is there. Once I verify that I fully understand the tools I will try to find the time to make a video tutorial.

Making new masteries is different i think though. I’m trying to edit what currently exists and it’s shitting on me for my mortal attempts. Thanks though.

Not different at all. You just have to relink everything, I wrote this in a post a few days back.

It’s either that or build your changes directly into the database - but you don’t want to do that.

I thought I did all the above but I triple checked it and saw I was linking wrong like a dumby. Thank you! I can do everything now!

if you open
D:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grim Dawn\database\records\skills\playerclass02_classtree_class02.dbr

it only lists 2 blastshields

line 51 = skillName2,records/skills/playerclass02/blastshield1.dbr,
line 62 = skillName3,records/skills/playerclass02/blastshield2.dbr,

those are the only two blastshiled skills listed in the skill tree

so if you open the first one
D:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grim Dawn\database\records\skills\playerclass02\blastshield1.dbr

it says its a toggled buff skill — Skill_BuffRadiusToggled

and line 3 tells the name of the buff

so if we open that
D:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grim Dawn\database\records\skills\playerclass02\blastshield1_buff.dbr

and look through it we can see all of the buffs blast shield gives us

if you open the 2nd skill
D:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grim Dawn\database\records\skills\playerclass02\blastshield2.dbr

it says its a Skill_Modifier
and if you look through it you’ll see all does

I have no idea why blastshield is split among 3 files

  1. blastshield1
  2. blastshield1_buff
  3. blastshield2
    it seems weird, but that’s the way its designed


and now the UI part

if you modify either of the 2 skills listed in the skilltree above

  1. blastshield1.dbr
  2. blastshield2.dbr

then you must also modify the corresponding UI files

that way when you move the mouse over the skill icon it will show the proper numbers
Current Level: 8% Pierce Resistance
Next Level: 14% Pierce Resistance

and so on

the thing its a royal pain in the butt to find the correct UI file (at least it is for me, maybe somebody else knows an easy way)

for exmaple

if you look in
D:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grim Dawn\database\records\ui\skills\class02\

all you see is


and so on

there’s no easy way of knowing which of these UI dbr files correspond to the skill they display
(unless you open each file and read the line that has the skill name)

so if you open
D:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grim Dawn\database\records\ui\skills\class02\skill01.dbr

and look on line 8

you’ll see that UI file display the numbers in in the blastshield1.dbr skill file

but you’ve probably modified and renamed blastshield1.dbr to something else (maybe super_powerful_blastshield1.dbr)

so the UI will be looking in the wrong skill file and displaying he wrong numbers

so you have to edit line 8 of the UI file and tell it to look in the new modified blastshield skill file

so the purpose of these spreadsheet was to show the name of the skill in each UI file

because how in the world are we supposed to know that grenado is in UI file skill14.dbr ?

because how in the world are we supposed to know that grenado is in UI file skill14.dbr ?

You open the file and read the skillname line, duh! :rolleyes:

Split between so many files because they have different templates. A template determines which variables you can use. Hellhound has a few “template classes dbr” which just inherit functionality and other files. That way one skill has multiple effects, without having to write code specifying how each combination of effects would work. So, lots of templates = complex functionality.