Little Hola from Hunter!

Hey all you Grim Dawn and TQ/TQIT fans!
My name is Hunter, just decided and thought it was a good thing to do, finally go to to the forum and sign up after being subbed on facebook to Grim Dawn for so long,

I plan on throwing my support in and donating, or for pre-order, I really want to be a patron in this nice game, I was a huuuuuugeee fan of TQ and TQIT and i am extremely excited to see this game in production, and I’d love to make it better with my hard work, by donating money.

Soon to be doner! follow me on twitter :slight_smile: @pzhuntR

Hope to get to know alot of you as well!!! thank you:p
oh and im not much of a forum kinda guy but ill be as active and formy as i possible can hahah :slight_smile:

I’m also pretty sure that I’ll buy one of the supporter packs, just waiting for pay day:D

Welcome aboard!

hi and welcome, glad you joined us