Live From DC

Hello All,

I saw a link to Grim Dawn from a friend’s Facebook page and came to investigate. I liked what I saw, especially the Occultist video. I know that’s what I’ll be playing once the game is released.

Currently, I’m playing Eve Online. I participated in the Diablo III Stress Test a few weeks ago and started playing Torchlight. I’ve also played Allods and Everquest. Allods was my first MMO.

Anyway, I’m glad to see the Kickstarter project is going so well. I’m a backer and now I need to find the patience to wait it out until an alpha release. :slight_smile:

I’ve also been lurking on the forums and reading, lots of reading. Nice to see the discussions.

Can’t wait to play!

Greetings and welcome aboard! Glad you signed up after significant amounts of lurking :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey ibugsy,

welcome to the forms, hope you enjoy it here :smiley:

Hey ibugsy,

Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay! =)

hello and welcome

welcome to the forums!


Welcome again!

Thanks Everyone!

Hey there, welcome! – i was just in your town a while back. My eyes and nose wouldn’t stop running from all the pollen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome, ibugsy! :slight_smile:

Oh, another fellow from the DC area on the same day. What are the chances?