Loading freezing problem!

Hey guys, so yesterday my game started to suddenly stop working! It has been freezing on the loading screen, and it doesn’t make any sense bc I have plus 300h in the game! I had played like 3 hours on Sunday and, suddenly, when I was about to restarted the session this problem appears. Does any one know what is going on? I can choose the character change settings, but when I click on Start the loading just stop. Already tried to reinstall the game, but still doesn’t work.

Does this also happen with a new character?

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yes it does, but when I disabled both cloud saving, from steam and from the game, I can play normally, but my characters are not there, bc I use grim internals and rainbow filter, and they both need to disable the cloud saving.

You need to do a bit more than just turn off cloud saving.


yes yes, I know that, I did that

Maybe you need a new pc?

i hope not