Lobby Chat

Is it possible to create a lobby where people interested in forming groups can meet and chat? For example, lets say I want to play Crucible with others, it would be nice to be able to create a game with them rather than blanket creating a multiplayer game in hopes someone joins.

I agree, this would be nice. Maybe sort it by language so there aren’t different conversations happening in different languages in the same chat.

I’m not sure, i don’t think he talks about an Global Chat. For me it seems, he want an Lobbysystem, where you host an Game without to be forced to be ingame. Like you open a Lobby in Menu, people joins and you can Talk, and than you can start the Game(however you want) together. And for that i’m not sure, if an language-filter would be usefull anyway, due the limit how many people can play together^^ (I mean 4 players, how many people will there talk in different languages?)

However great idea!