Location change: improper name

I’ll have to try to get a different screenshot of it cause all I’m getting is black when I try to print screen, but in the Cairan Docks, right in the MIDDLE of it, there’s a spot where EVERY time I walk by it, it pops up saying I’ve entered Bonebleach Basin. Lasts about 3 steps. And it happens EVERY time I walk past it again. This is happening on Normal (non-Veteran)

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Screenshots are usually saved in C:\My Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\screenshots so see if they’re there.

As for Boneblech Basin, well it does exist and if you’re in the right spot you might actually be in it. Without seeing the screenshot though I can’t say for sure.

I know it exists, as we discussed that in the Steam forum, but should that be showning up in Normal if it’s an Ultimate unlock?

Depends on what you’re seeing. If it’s a crate on the ground then no, probably not. If it’s just that the name comes up when you’re in the right spot then maybe.

by the help of the dark gods, I have found the place

Zantai’s secret underground base location found :smiling_imp:

TY! thar it be!

Thanks for the report and the screenshots.

Fixed in v1.1.5.2.

Thanks Zantai! Now if only they could fix my lack of decent helm drops since BEFORE I GOT AS FAR AS MALMOUTH… I’d be all set :stuck_out_tongue: