Location of the 4 new super bosses of Ashes of Malmouth ?

Anyone has found the names and locations of the 4 new super bosses in Ashes of Malmouth ?

I entered a rift in Morndale and there was a boss I couldnt kill. He has high hp regen or aoe leech. Wonder if its one of those 4

finished the game, didn’t even encounter a super boss, feelsbadman, probably because i rushed through the game, but they have done a goodjob hiding them , i expect something like clone of bourbon and rashalga tbh

I found Grava’Thul in the first area after Lone Watch. He hits like a thermonuke and has a max HP reduction aura. I died to him more than everything else put together. Absolutely no fun :slight_smile:

met the same guy, did not have a chance against him… :slight_smile: but one day!! ( hopefully )


The only way I beat him, was to run away long enough to get a SECOND round of Pneumatic Burst between his hits.

Dude flat-lines HP bars like little else.

I met 3 or so bosses that were similar to him.

All of them killed my toon at least a few times… whereas the Boss-Boss only nipped me once, going in raw, and second time due to getting caught up on the furniture/background.

Hunt Elixirs are great things to have slotted, btw.

Grava’Thul is one of the 4 new Nemesis , I think he doesn’t count as a super boss.
There are 4 new Nemesis + 4 new super bosses, so far I don’t know any of the 4 new bosses.

Are you sure he’s a Nemesis? My Spellbreaker disposed of him fairly easily after I saw how he dropped my health. Kiting and hitting hard took him down but there was no nemesis trove.

He’s definitely a Nemesis and a trove should be near him.

The session is still active, I might go back and look for the trove, with all the running about I might have moved too far from it.

I think Ravager was supposed to be one of them?

That’s my guess for one as well. Part of the dialogue tree after summoning him allows for attacking him similar to the Avatar of Mogdrogen. His name was very red. My attacks barely tickled him. Then Mirror ended and he one shot me.

Possible leads on the other bosses.

There is an Aetherial sealed door in the Fleshworks I haven’t been able to open. The crazy lady in the Steamworks offers a quest that provides a clue to finding a key, presumably for that door. I have yet to find the key.

There is an Ancient Grove on the map in South East Ugdenbog. I haven’t found a way there yet.

Dalia led us to a super boss in the base game. Given the way her quest line in the expansion just abruptly ends with no resolution, I’m betting there is more to it.

I might have the wrong monster, I killed a huge Balrog looking thing with a similar name which lived in a Chthonic rift area

Probably Gaba’Thul (i think that’s his name) in Cinder Wastes.

Considering we have Blazeheart in the game, I’m pretty sure you are spot on.

Not sure if it’s a super boss, but I fucked up on the conversation with the Missing Chef inside the void. And choose to beat some sense into him. Lets say it was a bad idea as That character is no longer among the living HC characters :slight_smile:

Ulgrim is Fabius if he could summon Living Shadows. And he’s heavily wounded by the way.

he still kicked my ass even being wounded and out of his mind :slight_smile:

Tho I was severely under geared since it was my very first character since deleting everything

Yeah, imagine if he’s was a full health. Probably pimp slapped our character across the room with no effort.

I fought him in Veteran with my Purifier and let’s just say, the fight took a while.

I just hope al of the super guys will follow the same principle as Mogdrogen before, that means they are TOTALLY optional, have a dialogue and you can only triger the fight by obvious dialogue choices.

Otherwise I’m not playinng this on HC anymore, lol :slight_smile: