Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Shotguns - Fire Warlord (c+)(SR+)(g3)

I remember you had a similar build, a two handed fire shield breaker. How does this build compare to that?

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I wonder how this would go with infernal brimstone after the improvements to the weapon and the constant meteor showers.

Not sure if shieldbreaker would be better now, when Ascension is nerfed

this should be stronger if you look beyond the page 1 stats


way less tanky though but sure tanky enough

I don’t like 2900 OA with 14 sec cd on Ascension. Also 1k less armor, less DA. Nope, I prefer more reliable setup
Torch setup gives you more AoE, but the build already has good AoE. With Aeons you may shotguns nems 4 times. Such combo almost kills full HP Reaper.
Your setup should be better in Cruci, but I’m not sure about SR. 2600 armor and 10% phys res is negligible help vs heavy melees

Sorry just want to ask, is this build still viable in the current patch (1.4.2) ?


yauss, gurl. YAUSS. <3

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It’s viable

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