Loghorrean Melee Sunder bugged

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I’ve noticed that happening with a few bosses, if you’re referring to the Sunder symbol flashing for a second but not applying anything? Mad Queen, Alkamos, Ilgorr, I think Valexteria, etc. Alkamos also no longer does the cold pools on the ground it seems?

oh that bug is back, too? Mogara also had a hard time hitting her sunder on me today. 5/6 attacks didn’t sunder me, but maybe I got giga lucky with my DA (had like 88% chance to get hit).

I’ve got pretty good DA too (1750@L61), 13% dodge. I didn’t realise Sunder had a miss chance, but that’s good.

Oh, I love that morrowind ost!

From what i can tell If the sunder attack misses the sunder isn’t applied. I had Kaisan miss a couple of times with his (which is the goofiest headbutt).

The character had 2900 DA and a bunch of OA reduction.

Z confirmed this for me when i was reporting Alkamos sunder pools not triggering
the attack with the sunder follows normal avoidance rules, DA/hit miss, dodge deflect fumble etc, so can rng luck out and simply not have it trigger at all