Lokkar's Boulders

THEY ARE EXTREMELY OP ! Make them killable or nerf them PLEASE !

u posted and empty pic ? :furious:

Allow me to explain.

The above image attempted to capture my response to a poll asking whether some gag enemies used as a prank in a dev stream and then placed in a super-secret challenge area should be nerfed because they are exactly as they were in the original prank.

Voted “No !”

You have got to be kidding me. Of all the things in the world to cry nerf on.

What’s next? Nerf Bourbon clones?

Mind your own boulders :furious:

Asking to make Lokarr more impotent than he already is? WTF is wrong with you?! :mad:

Wish you made it an open poll so I’d had known who are getting five extra iron maidens on 150.

…what ? the boulders are actually not at lokkar, they are on the map before the crucible, the edge of reality.
This will not make lokkar more OP than he is (only sometimes)…or you are…is…shnitzl

Anything that doesn’t make me more op than I already am is just not worth it.

Lokarr is a challenge boss, he’s supposed to be ridiculously hard for fuck’s sake man. He’s utterly and entirely optional.

Yeah but the boulders have nothing to do with him, they just dont let u check greeni items, u die chekcing what u want to pick up…that is the main ideea…cause otherwise u can pass them easily…they still can kill u in battle if u not paying attention, but that is fun challange, but after all monsters dead, u check MIs and u die…

They’re also relatively slow. Lure them away and circle back. Lokarr and his minions may be strong, but they ain’t very swift :wink:

Those boulders are strongest enemies in main campaign bar Ravager :slight_smile: