Lol, we bugged Cally

So a friend and I decided we’d kite Cally back to Conclave for a meme time. We did. We delighted to see that some of Conclave’s defenders did their best to rid the area of such a foe (although alas, to no avail).

After the video above, I switched out to a damage dealer to take him out (I was on a dedicated support build, Emp’sChosen Tog II is a dedicated tank).

Initially I brought in a Flames of Ignaffar’s build that can usually achieve 500-800k damage per second. Not massive, but not bad. Yet, we couldn’t keep up with Cally’s regen at all. His HP didn’t budge, we could see he was healing faster than I was damaging. So, I brought in a mortar build that does somewhere between 1-2m damage per second.


So, I’m not sure how, but we made Cally unkillable somehow during the process of kiting him back to town.

…And that is my story. Enjoy this memey experience for what it is. :smiley:


Could be something Crate slipped in as a few people have enticed Calla back to the guards before in hopes they’ll help bring her down. @Zantai you devs being sneaky again?


We wondered that as well - Maybe it was a mechanic for all NPCs in Conclave so that they couldn’t get killed, or, maybe it was to boost Cally so players couldn’t get NPC help while fighting her. We did try luring her out of Conclave again to continue the fight, but the regen was set, so to no avail.

this i think
i recall seeing this mentioned a couple of times, to prevent conclave cheese Cally gets buffed or something if you’re being “sneaky” trying to get NPC help

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@WyreZ “Lol, we bugged Cally”
More like “Lol, we were Zantai’ed” :laughing: