Long time supporter from the shadows

Hello Grim dawn community !

I subscribed here nearly 4 years ago ( to see pictures if i recall good) but never took part of your discussions.

Thank you players for making this game real !
Thank you Mediarra and all the Crate crew for making this early access ( and hopefully complete game ) a blast !

I’m now at 300+ hours of play without multiplayer, 100% in veteran since B18.(I WANT MOAR)
I don’t play hardcore because i’m a rusher and die a lot.

My 3 main characters are :

-lvl 35 Soldier with 2H ( SOT cleaned )


*I use mistborn talisman for primary attack, and have +1 all skills.

-lvl 35 full Nightblade (only floor 3 cleaned on the first try)


*Mistborn talisman too and full bloodreaper set.

  • +2 all skills and +4 Belgothian’s Shears.
    *1 point lost in Demo because i took flashbang for lvling and early lvl 35.

-lvl 35 full demolitionist dual-wielding ( too weak to handle SOT yet )


*I use gunslinger talisman.
*5 points lost after B18 pneumatic burst change.

If you have questions about how i play them, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

I’m at home for a few days and decided to setup a stream : grimboby on twitch .
I can’t upload more than 800kbs, so it will be 480p.
I’ll try to clean SOT with my nightblade and share my experience tonight .

PS Im french, sorry if my English is bad.
PPS I can’t make links in my first post.

hmm your grim calc is broke. i can’t look them up

but anyway. Hello and Welcome to the Forum

Welcome aboard the forum. My main char right now is night blade with life leech and steal.decent survivability with decent dps.

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