Lookinf for aether build base game dual wild have (Decree of Aldritch x2) HC Build need

Welcome , I need help in the creature build, aether dual wild I have 2 x Decree of Aldritch (75 lvl)


I don’t know what class to choose. BASE GAME BUILD max 85LvL Thx for any answer :slight_smile:

Edit - saw it’s base game only. Was gonna say Spellbinder. Obvious choice is something with Arcanist I suppose.

I check , it is spelbreaker because i have base version of the game without DLC (ashes of malmouth and forgotten gods).

Dont find Build with Decree of Aldritch x2 dual wild :confused:

It’s sad (or not), but noone make builds for vanilla here

Try this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mX5yWN
Probably glassy as hell, I haven’t tested. It’s a DW melee char, as dual Aldritch is - rather weird for casters? Anyway, 'tis best I could do, resists aren’t great and armor is rather eh too.
THere’s a double rare, because GD Stash mafia rules, you can probably replace it with Wraithborne Legwraps or something of the like.

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Looks good but imo too many pieces, 9 to be precise, without Aether / All damage
but devotion / skills / components etc look ok.

Here are some random items I’ve found quickly you can consider:
(it was not a very thorough search so not sure if they are BiS)

It is vanilla, but it can not roll necro mods. But didn’t they include skill mods also in the base game few patches ago?

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Hello , thx all for help Big Thx :slight_smile: - i check this #Buttercup # tqFan thx too bro

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I hope it works well!
And yeah, Ascended Casque is a very viable choice especially early on. The skill mods do work in vanilla and the it’s a pretty awesome item even without great affixes

I went defensive because Sorc tends to be very squishy without defensive set and in vanilla there are no +75 DA augments, plus it’s usually difficult to get decent armor.
If you go caster you can probably make it more glassy with less problems

I will check your build - I hope that I won’t die quickly xDDD

"… The skill mods do work in vanilla… " which mod?



spectral binding is necromancer skill, so would not work in vanilla

The two ones to Maiven

they will work afaik

I like that you have lots of Attack Damage converted to Health.
But why not put as many points as possible in Maven? You definitely have points for that.

For Stun Res primarily
Though I may have gone a bit overboard there :smile:

Sorry, I meant why not max Maiven first node for damage absorption
Honestly I’d try to get 22 with appropriate gear if squishy.

Maybe something like this:
( Sash of the Immortal Sage + Ascended Casque for 22 Maiven or maybe some other piece instead of belt)

That’s much better defensively for sure!
I guess at the end of it it’s a toss up between more OA for better crits/damage or more dmg absorb for more tankiness
Knowing vanilla, tankiness could be the better choice :undecided

hello ^.^

I have 42 lvl, build under construction xD - what I need it is faster of moving (somethink like shadow strike or rift stone)

thx again people for help :slight_smile:

Expansions are great for fast movement as it has Movement augments.
I like using a class that has 2 native Movement skills, i.e. Dervish (Vire’s Might + Shadow Strike)
so with this augment Movement skill I have three, bind all of them to Space with macros
and then I just zoom across the map holding Space :slight_smile: although 2 movement skills in total are fine too.