Looking for beginner build

Unfortunately new patch came when i want to return to the game, i was playing stupid dragons virulent dervish about 50 levels, idk how i stop playing. i need build that like explain to a 4 year old. sorry for bad england

If you played Dervish, I’ll assume you got all expansions so you can first take a look at the beginner section of the compendium :

You could also help us helping you by specifying the kind of archetype, class, damage type, colour even you prefer.

Zantai’s feared day has come. GD is now a choose your color game :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@op patch came out yesterday how would you expect to have a beginner build specifically made for this patch? Luckily that build you were following before as well as most other beginner builds should still hold.

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i literally checked every link build for beginners part, they seem outdated. i just want a build that doesn’t feel like i’m lost in game like i know what im doing.

are these still work?

You could use a guide from or something and it would still hold up. The only thing that would change are the lv100 setups, and those tend to only get buffed (with some very rare exceptions).
Btw the patch hasn’t been out for 48h and we should expect some hotfixes to come, the clearest example is chaos AAR that has been omegabuffed this patch and will be put in line soon.
I can only speak for my guides but the builds have been slightly buffed but the gear and skills don’t really change.

im going with this. tell me i am good to go.

I didn’t get much feedback about it since it’s recent but it worked flawlessly for me. However I don’t delve deep into the mechanics explanation, so you’d have to refer to the game guides at the end of the guide or just ask :+1:


I’m afraid you might need smth more than a beginner’s build guide. This game is complicated, has a lot of unexplained mechanics, the official guide is shallow and vastly outdated, and the forum thread closest to a generic mechanics guide was deleted by the OP (he had no moral right to do it btw, the info was gathered by the community).

I suggest you take on any beginner’s build and just roll with it, beginner’s builds are rarely affected by patches. Join some discord server and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, Stupid’s Virulent Dervish is a beginner build anyway so you could just continue to follow that since it’s been updated to as far as I know. And you can always ask him in the thread if there are any changes he might suggest for

However good a guide is though - and Stupid’s are very good - you still have to learn as you go along. No guide is going to change that for you. Just take your time and explore everywhere and if you have questions then ask them. Plenty people will help you understand the game.

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Your guide is going amazingly so far. Made it to level 15. About to do the skill reset and continue progressing. Such a clean and easy start. This being my 5th play thru of the game I’m no beginner. But I haven’t played in almost 2 years so I wanted something easy and chill. This guide is very detailed in the way that a good beginners guide should be. Played the first 15 levels with only my mouse 98% of the time. Super chill start. Looking forward to what the rest of the guide has in store.

How did the [[][Guide] The Rookie Bloodsworn - A chaos Warlock guide fair for you?

If you need “explain to 4 year old” beginner build, wouldn’t any pet build works wonder?
You pretty much just increase pet skill lines until it’s maxed, use any “pet bonus” gears, and basically just summon pets, either wait a bit until they killed all the enemies, or just walk through them and your pet will handle everything behind you.
It’s fool-proof at least up to the end of Elite, and exception to skeleton-only pet, which very brittle and requires quite a lot of micro to makes them stay alive

Yes that’s the start of the build, speedlevelling with OFF, it’s just magic how it annihilates everything.
The actual build will be very different though it will mostly be played with the mouse too, most of the casting is holding Aether Ray down, see how it goes then :+1:

Anyway glad to hear it’s detailed enough, thanks a lot for the feedback