Looking for 2H melee, tanky build

Looking for 2H melee, tanky build. I want to play on a strong melee character

Welcome to the forum. :grinning: Question first. What do you have of the game? Just the base GD or the expansions as well? Makes a difference to the advice we can give you.

Ashes of malmouts and Forgotten gods

Then have a look in the Build Compendium.

Simply choose which appeals to the way you want to play the game. There are some beginner builds in there too if you need something a bit more detailed as far as levelling goes.

are you completely new to the game, i.e. have no gear or whatsoever?
if yes, check out my Warder build guide

if no (i.e. you have basically all items) check out these builds:
[] Duel of Savage Totemists - Ludrigan and Stormreaver vindicators comparison (the stormreaver version)
[] Vindicator - tank. 150-170 5m 32s

Thanks for mentioning me but the other build is better. It’s updated to the new patch… and generally better. I actually took some time to polish it and it should be a monster: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWl7J5Z (change living armor to enchanted earth for da afficionados but imo 100% armor absorption is more important, and with good rolls nearing 3k is more than enough; alternatively change skyshard powder to typhoon powder).

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your new version is pretty similar to what I am running currently, but I have seal of blades (since I am lazy and also have not dropped seal of corruption blueprint since my restart ~100 hours ago)

Seal of Blades is never wrong. Especially when you need that 20% adcth to facetank celestials, and extra armor and pierce res is always good. I prefer good old max damage approach, though.

BTW some people argue that Seal of Corruption is DPS loss. It’s not. 8% rr is worth one cast per 5 seconds even on channeled AAR. Not to mention 44 oa and 50% dmg.