Looking for a 2handed sword meele build

Wanted to try out a 2h sword build but cant find any

Was thinking of shaman and solider but found only outdated builds

Love the idea of rushing in and melt things with a big badass sword

Do 2-Handed Axe builds count? If so make a lightning savagery warder :cool:.

Here’s mine (still WIP, gear is random mishmash and I don’t have more of Ultos set) but it’s cleared Ulti with 0 deaths

Pic is w/ self buffs, partial savagery stack and Judicator’s proc (stuff that’s always up)

GC (w/o gear, iirc) : http://grimcalc.com/build/1009-4p5hE3
(only reason for points in cunning is so I can go dual-wield)

E: whoops forgot points in the savagery transmuter, max that obviously

You could look at this Warder build.


I love physical/fire Commando with Infernal Brimestone and Meteor.
Something like this - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=46150

Yes exactly what im looking for but i want to use primal strike for levelingn

Primal Strike is great for leveling. I made this build originally a long time ago, and if I recall correctly I went through the end of Elite using Primal Strike line. There are some great 2-handers to support it while leveling too, Falcon’s Claw and the Empowered version, for example. Primal Strike really falls off in Ultimate though, single target damage is just not good enough.

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

if u use Savagery in high levels
how u do AOE dmg?


2H swords did not have special dev attention, they are treated as “two handers” together with axes and maces. Pierce/physical most certainly - you can only do that with green items with very obscure affixes, and the result won’t be any better than with common physical legendary maces.

You may check build compendum for builds around specific legendaries though. Look for winter king builds (search as “winter king”) and nightshade’s reach (look through poison builds, here I found one poorly written).

Procs. Spear of the Heavens, Upheaval on crits, Chain Lightning from gear, AoE lightning nova on the weapon. Maelstrom on wind devils does solid damage, and even the skeletons from Revenant have utility thanks to Eye of the Storm relic which gives them chance to deal high lightning/electrocute damage. Or, just hit them a couple times with savagery.

Trash mobs are trash, even on Ultimate. Basically, with high-tier gear/devotions you have enough procs that primal strike kind of becomes redundant and you can just go savagery for single-target.

You can use primal strike as long as you want, just in my experience it’s not that great on Ultimate.