Looking for a build, help plz

So I beat the game as a pet build and it was fun…but boring.

I played a sorcerer to 37 and its fun, but grenades are not my thing.

My question is whats the most “magey” build in this game that works well? I’ve tried looking the builds up but I don’t know enough about the classes and devotions to truly understand builds without playing them.

Just a quick answer and maybe a link to a build would be wonderful, thanks guys+gals.

There are several builds in the Compendium which might suit. I’d say either a Druid or Elementalist would come closest.


I used this (http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30239 can also be found in previous posters link) for my 1st character as I also wanted a “magey” character and this seemed to fit the most. It works “well”, not great, but well… You could also be well on your way by respeccing your lv 37 sorcerer… Does need a few pieces of gear to work better (warpfire probably has most impact on build), but it still does ok. Unfortunately most casters are relatively weak in GD compared to melee characters. The main skill, AAR, could use a buff…but so could most caster skills… If you want a character that is fun, fits the “mage” profile and can get through the game then an AAR sorcerer will do that. Just don’t expect it to kill some of the bosses in 10 seconds like some melee builds… The explosions are cool too…

The build in the thread is not updated, but if you watch one of the videos and go to the posters channel you can find the updates there. It is pretty easy to play early (some energy issues, just don’t level up AAR that much) but does slow down in Ultimate (like all casters). I still use it as my main farmer over my Bleeding Warder as the clear speed is really fast (I also do have mostly best in slot gear on both characters).