Looking for a ranged build (rifle/pistols)

Hey, so i am a big fan of ranged classes with guns/rifles/pistols (just like Demon Hunter in D3 with Xbows etc).

I just purchased GD on sale and would like to play as such (see above).

-beginner friendly (no gear at all)
-ultimate viable

What would be the optimal class combination for this? Maybe with [] in mind.

Pyromancer (Demolisher+Occultist) is what you need.
Despite being nerfed in, it is still a pretty solid build, and without doubt, the best for dual-wield.
Guides to that build are in this thread, on 1-st page. Dont be so lazy, and find them.

Oh, and it fits “demon hunter” theme wery well (cause uses occultist class).

Agreed. I play a pyromancer and have a pretty solid dual pistol chaos/fire setup with procs everywhere, a pet, thermite mines and blackwater cocktails in addition to a fire strike setup.