Looking For An HC Ultimate Farmer

With Huge AoE screen clear, fast movement yet strong single target damage as well. AND TANKY! Basically ALL IN ONE AMAZING!

without a set! ( can have 3 piece, however as i have some at 3 ) NO MI’s even though I have some OKish from a couple hundred challenger runs.

I lost both my main farmers recently, one was too squishy and deserved to die, the other got 1 hit KO shotgun by ancient grove boss volcano move. RIP.

I want a safe/fast extremely fun damaging character with high HP/Tankiness. Best of every world hahaha. Preferably ranged or caster.


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Ok cool, i have that set. And i was looking at playing a RoH build. Can you link me the build?

I want to play one that uses Aura of Censure and RoH + what nightblade has to offer. Shadow strike, VoS, RoS transmuter, dual blades etc… Execution? and pierce to cold conversion.


Weapons can be switched to malmouth faction swords while rings can be switched to coven sky seals.