Looking for beginner friendly Caster DoT build

Anyone got any good suggestions?

Looking for a build with dots like the WD in D3.


Blackwater Cocktail and Canister, second mastery Arcanist, Oathkeeper, Inquisitor. Or Necromancers if you like exotics.

Basically it’s about fire. Fire is more about burn rather than direct fire damage.

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the main ones would be :
Vitality health drain kinda build
(Personally didnt like it because single target damage is ass until lv 40+)

[] Beginner's vitality caster Conjurer guide, how to build monster build from the scratch! Suitable for first character

Ultraman-styled beam action
(I tried it until level 50-ish, the mana management kinda pain in the ass until you get juicy mana regen gear, and overleveling Albrecht’s Aether Ray might ruin your day due to insane mana consumption)

[] Beginner's Scorching Ray Templar

America Simulator 2020
(I really like it, you just throw molotov and most of the things will melts)

Blackwater Cocktail in a nutshell

2020 Simulator 2020
(Word of Pain is my favorite skill so far, at least for leveling until level 60-ish. the AoE is really REALLY huge)

inquisitor leveling

I would recommend you checking Beginner Build Compendium for further reading. But don’t worry about it and just try all single-class build at least until level 30. Don’t be afraid to respec your skills and try all of each class skill to find the one you would love the feel of it.

Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods)