Looking for Dot / Kiting build

Im looking for a dot / kiting build but i couldn’t really find anything beside the mortar trap build and some lightning ones, but im looking for something else maybe vit or bleed base or even elemental. Im not good at making my own builds. :x I dont want some crazy 80SR build just something that works and can do all campaign content and maybe some SR 50-60

This guy has a good cabalist vit kiting bloody pox build. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkNRnSFw5xA.

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I have not played an Auramancer, but I believe this is the idea behind it. Just run round putting Dots on everything (or flat). You can search for this.

And should be a number of bleed builds, but they are all melee - I think?

You do not want fire or lightning, but you can consider elemental :thinking:

How much gear do you have btw?

I played many lightning builds, fire is fine - the trap build looked good but it wasnt really what i was looking for.
Gear should not be the problem

Chillwisper Infiltrator with blade spirits and cold rune

Vitality caster Oppressor

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thats actually what i was looking for thanks alot!

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