Looking for feedback with BWC Saboteur

This is a phys/trauma/pierce build

I plan to use beronath to convert Fire & chaos to phys.

Planning to run this in HC and survive with huge dmg reduction from
BWC transmuter, dual wield phys res, fist of vire dmg res, light of empyrion phys res, and so on.

Lots of retaliation damage from devotions as well

Can I get feedback on how this build looks and if it seems Ultimate HC viable?


Here is your feedback.

First, converting damage type from the one you have natural -%rr for (thermite mine) into one you don’t have rr for is bloody ridiculous. Even if I am to overlook other issues it should had been Pyromancer or Defiler, not Saboteur. Or if Saboteur is the important point you shouldn’t had focused on BWC.

Second, there are two modes of BWC - untransmuted BWC that is designed to stack multiple pools for high damage (consequence - low base fire and chaos damage) and transmuted BWC that uses burn as the main damage (consequence - Demon Fire is useless). Now check thy build and find the inconsistency.

And third - it’s too bad you haven’t filled the gear slots (usually mortals here would just refuse to comment gt links like that, so be grateful that I’m not a cruel master). If you did it would be obvious what kind of tradeoffs you need to make. You somehow need to get your BWC at 26/16 and still get decent %internal trauma damage.

No, it’s not a viable HC build. Making a viable HC build is taking the well-working SC concept and then doing a simple review on stats. It’s not possible without seeing the gear pieces, but since your concept is faulty to begin with it’s not necessary.